About Us

Our mission is to create a collaborative community where students can write. The Satire Goat is a student-run organization that publishes satire articles and other media weekly.

We are always open to submissions and team members. Don’t be a stranger, contact us at thesatiregoat [@] gmail.com


Lead Editors Christopher Lee, Gabriel F.

Editors Quan Nguyen, Daniel Ng, Stefan D’Souza

Writers Caleb Kao, Ethan Bouvet, Ryan Gao, Jasmine Wong, Sudhev Sudheer

Photographer Sara Hines

Contributors Korinne Adams, Colin Farmer, Jordyn V., Jordan Pashcal, Steve Lee, Ash Arora, Spencer Pak, Prox, Danny Pham, Saloni More, Sahale Beaudette, Dana Claire