New All Electric Apple Car to be Sold Without Steering Wheel

Apple’s Tim Cook speaking to investors at a 2018 conference on predatory pricing and inflated costs on the consumer market.

August 21, 2019

CUPERTINO — Apple has just announced that its new all electric car, the DrivePod, will not come with a steering wheel as a standard feature of the car.

In a teaser video posted on the company’s website, Apple showcased the design for its entrance into the growing electric vehicle market in direct competition with Tesla and Nissan. Despite being slated for a full reveal at next years WWDC in San Jose, Apple has released some small details on the features and pricing of the new vehicle. One of the most interesting aspects of the new DrivePod is the modularity of the car, the most obvious of which being the noticeable lack of, among other things, a steering wheel.

The DrivePod Base will start at a retail price of $50,000 USD, and from thereon customers can choose what features they need for their new car. For those who want the ability to control their vehicle, a steering wheel attachment can be purchased for an additional $20,000 USD. Similarly, a charger can be bought for $17,000 USD and doors can be bought for $15,000 USD each.

 In a meeting with investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook defended the company’s decision, praising similar efforts from aircraft manufacturer Boeing and video game producer Electronic Arts to compartmentalize their products and Apple’s efforts to mirror their actions.

“We believe that everyone should have the ability to design their product for their exact use case. Look at the success of DLC system created by online video game developers like Electronic Arts. Boeing has a similar system that they introduced with their new 737 Max program. Profits are through the roof. With our customer base, not everyone will want the ability to control their DrivePod. Some people will simply buy the DrivePod because its an Apple product, and those people won’t need the steering wheel attachment or the charger as they can drive their Tesla instead. Overall, we believe that our new pricing system is a very good addition to the Apple lineup, and is set to increase profits quite significantly.”

By: Sudhev Sudheer

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