Smoking Found to Create Stronger Lungs for Future Generations

July 22, 2019

VANCOUVER, BC—In a new paper, experts at the University of British Columbia Medical School’s Department of Medical Genetics concluded Friday that there is evidence that smoking can create stronger lungs for future generations. 

“We believe that this groundbreaking discovery will the public’s perception of the so-called ‘dangers’ of smoking,” said Dr. Jae-Eun Kim, who led the study. For ten years, 10 children of smokers and 10 children of non-smokers were followed as they progressed through their daily lives, starting from birth. “We found that all of the children of smokers died in infancy, where all of the children of non-smokers survived to their 10th birthday,” she said, noting that the results speak for themselves. 

After extensive research, Kim’s team determined that the lungs, and health in general, of the children who survived, were vastly superior to the children who did not. These findings are further backed by the fact the living children were able to breathe while the others were not. “It is clear to me what the results mean,” muttered Vasily Kucherov, a fourth-year medical student who participated in interpreting the results. Any further comment was cut short when a copy of Methamphetamines & Me fell off of a pile of medical textbooks balanced on a chair.

By: Ryan Gao

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