I was 300 lbs. Until I Discovered Wii Sports


July 3, 2019

BOSTON — My name is Jameson Smith and this is my story. I was overweight for most of my life. I tried diets, tried going to gym, tried Weight Watchers. Hell, I was even the star of Biggest Loser in season 7. Nothing worked.

Desperate to change, I started following every fad in an attempt to return to a normal weight. I tried following my aunt’s suggestion of “only eating my greens”, but I only gained more weight when I found myself goring myself on mint Oreos. Water fasting seemed to work at first, only to have spiraled into a separate problem of alcoholism when it turns out I was drinking vodka by the liter. In my defense, they’re both clear.

My break-through came in the form of Nintendo’s Wii Sports. For my 27th birthday my mom bought me a Wii. That was the greatest present of my life (and my former dad has bought me a DNA test that we were both really happy about). What got me hooked was my obsession with the bowling mini-game. I was so determined to grind that I forgot to sleep and eat for days on end. That combined with the physical activity of the game shrunk my waistline by 3 inches. 

Wii Sports bowling became my life. I was playing 13+ hours daily and all I could think about was bowling. My dreams were only about bowling. And as my bowling scores steadily increased my weight steadily decreased. 

I worked my ass off. Literally.

By: Christopher Lee and Gabriel .F

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