IB Student Furious After Getting D on Extended Essay He Spent Three Hours On

March 18, 2019

OTTAWA — Joseph Yang, a second year IB student, spoke up against his school and the IB program for marking his math Extended Essay a “D” after he spent three hours working on it. He discusses the horrible stress he felt trying to finish the assignment at 1:00 in the morning. “This is unfair marking,“ he argued; “I did so much work on this, you wouldn’t even believe it! I even used 12 point Times New Roman and double-spaced my Extended Essay! Do they expect me to write a university paper?”

His Extended Essay supervisor revealed that Joseph was far from the ideal student: “Joseph only met with me one time. His research question was also poorly thought out: ‘To what extent is zero a number?’ ” The supervisor claimed that he only caved into giving him a “D” because Joseph’s parents made a generous donation to the school’s waterpolo coach last month.

“This is absurd!” declared Joseph. “While my friends were sleeping, I was slaving away on my EE. People believe they deserve a good night’s rest because they kept up with deadlines and wasted time working on it over the summer? If they were such hard workers, they would have spent that time working on their Extended Essay instead of sleeping. They won’t make it far in life if they can’t work hard in a time crunch as I did.”

Joseph’s math teacher also volunteered an opinion, “Joseph’s EE is a brilliant display of mathematical innovation. I’ve always wondered whether zero was a number or not, but even after my whole year of teaching IB, nobody has ever been able to make an argument as compelling as Joseph did.  He brought up the fact that you can’t divide by zero while other numbers can. Therefore, zero is not a number!” A few days after the interview, he was fired after the school board realized he was teaching his students Foundations of Mathematics rather than Calculus.

Joseph denies the allegations that his EE was ‘poorly thought-out.’ “I actually had good sources to support my claim. In fact, I asked someone on Quora whether or not zero was a number, and someone with a Ph.D. in ‘Recreational Psychedelic Mathematical Experimentation’ said it’s up to me. Since he’s a reliable source and said my thoughts are valid, then my ideas are right!”

Despite his naysayers, Joseph has garnered the support of other chronic procrastinators within the IB program. One student condemned the IB programs standards, saying, “I completely empathize with Joseph’s plight. I chose to write about my passion— literature— and I was dismayed when I didn’t get an “A” grade. I worked so hard on the assignment, but I got a mere “C” because apparently, analyzing Wattpad BTS fanfiction isn’t allowed. If I had known this before I started, I wouldn’t have wasted a whole  hour on this!”

“This just shows how unfair the IB is,” exclaimed Joseph. “I’ve spent over a year in this labyrinthine program, and this is the treatment I receive? It’s disgusting how hard work isn’t rewarded by the IB grading system. There is obviously prejudice in the IB that dramatically favors people who manage their time properly for a balanced life and strive to write cohesive papers.”

Reported By: Medea

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